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Think Fit Minds For Brain Health

444 Fit Minds Program Partners and Cognitive Coaches

Our clients share their experience with Fit Minds®

    While visiting my 91-year-old mom in Halifax, I did 8 Fit Mind Sessions with her. Fantastic interaction, quality time, sense of accomplishment for both of us. Many thanks.

    Rosemary Tayler
    Family Caregiver

    I have completed 5 sessions with [the client] and I have already noticed a HUGE improvement in both his cognitive skills and eagerness to participate… I am so excited because he is a totally different man, and his self esteem is improving session by session. All in all, I am so excited about this program and so very happy I decided to do it.

    Karen Kardassilaris
    Activity Director, Windsor Park Manor

    I am the owner of a homecare agency and recently completed the Cognitive Coaching certification. I found the training to be very thorough and enlightening. Nicole was available every step of the way to provide any assistance and guidance required.

    Jody Rieckmann
    Premier Homecare

    I am the Team Lead of the Day Away Program for the Alzheimer Society of Windsor and Essex County. We have found our clients like the activities – they are easy for them and create less frustration than other activities. We also use the kits when a client is showing responsive behavior and needs some 1 on 1 time alone. I have found these kits to be a great complement to our program and to our clients.

    Crystal Desjardins
    Day Away Team Lead, Alzheimer Society of Windsor and Essex County